International indie hero Anton Barbeau, who writes, performs and produces original music of the “pre-apocalyptic psychedelic pop” variety released Magic Act earlier this year; this is the new video from the album, “Black Lemon Sauce”.

Barbeau has been described as, “a pure distillation of lyrical jabberwocky, brain-burrowing melody and mystical psych-guitar fuzz.” With his esoteric and highly-personalized brand of singer-songwriter shtick, “mind-bending” stage show and auto-neurotic humor, he’s been called “a genius” by BBC Radio, built a global fan base and released numerous well-received records, including a  best-of collection of ”golden and completely obscure hits.

Some of the songs for Magic Act were written for a third album for Three Minute Tease, Barbeau’s UK band with former Soft Boys/Egyptians Andy Metcalfe and Morris Windsor, which didn’t happen. Instead, it became a solo album and others contributed, such as Colin Moulding from XTC on one track, Martin Gordon from Sparks on another, plus Allyson Seconds and session bass player, Larry Tagg, amongst others.

After amassing critical acclaim and a cult following in his native California (hailing from Sacramento), Barbeau spent several years in England and currently drinks his coffee in Berlin. In recent years, he has toured the U.K. with Julian Cope, shared the stage and/or studio with the likes of Robyn Hitchcock, Weezer and more.

But for all the variety on this album, it really comes down to only one thing; classic pop songwriting. Without that ability, no one can claim a place in rock’s great galaxy and Anton Barbeau has it in spades. Listen, watch and enjoy a sample of Mr. Barbeau’s skills on “Black Lemon Sauce”.

Magic Act is available now

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