Popdose is pleased to present the exclusive premiere of “Sexy N’ Domesticated,” the brand new video from actress/singer/songwriter Brooke Josephson.

The song offers a preview of Josephson’s new EP of the same name which will be out next month.

”It’s been four years since I released my first EP, Live and Let Live, and it’s been quite a trip,” Josephson tells Popdose. “I had the privilege of collaborating with veteran record producer Tony Berg and Grammy Award-winning engineer Shawn Everett to mix my sophomore EP, Sexy N’ Domesticated, which is a culmination of my growth as a wife, mother, and artist. I really let loose on this project and allowed my tongue-in-cheek take on motherhood and marriage to shine. Sexy N’ Domesticated is for the modern day woman shapeshifting between wife, mom, and work.” 

In a recent interview, Josephson shared the story behind the title track, revealing, “I’ve always been a Chrissie Hynde fan, and when she was doing press for her first solo album, I read an article where she told the story about a punk band that had sent her their record. They wanted to get her feedback, but in between the time they sent it to her she had taken time off from touring to become a mother. When she finally got around to reviewing it, she realized how great the band was and wrote to tell them. They wrote her back and said, ‘Yeah, your music was cool until you became domesticated.’ I was so fired up about it that I decided to write a song. Just because you become ‘domesticated’ by getting married or becoming a mom, it doesn’t mean that you suddenly become irrelevant or drop off the planet.”

She’ll celebrate the release of the new EP with a special show in Los Angeles on May 19 at the Peppermint Club. Tickets are available now.

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