Toronto-based power trio Heavy Static are set to drop their newest offering, the E.P. Here Comes The Fear, but Popdose is pleased to present the premiere of the lead-off track and video “Andromeda”.   To hear about the song’s evolution, singer/guitarist Christian Patrick offers this.

“There was a very clear idea when writing “Andromeda”; the song felt desolate, desperate and yet somewhat hopeful. I immediately had visions of someone floating alone in space on a mission to find a place that accepted their true self. The concept of the video had to follow the sentiment of the song – which is where I got the idea for the video. I spent a lot of time editing the shots to perfectly capture the ebbs and flows of the song – and I think it matches quite well with the music both on an atmospheric and visual level. One of the final scenes in the video is when one of the crew on the spaceship sees the alien and quips: “He looks like one of us.” That really resonated with me because we are all pieces of meat who look similar but within ourselves we are all struggling on some level and couldn’t be more different. In some sadly ironic way, the only thing that truly connects us as a species is our differences as individuals.”

Listen, watch and see if you agree.

Here Comes The Fear will be released on Friday, July 22nd, 2016


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