Popdose is pleased to bring you the video for “Wedding Song (Bag Of Bones)” from Run Tiny Human, the latest album from Shelbyville, Oregon-based songwriter/singer Rachel Taylor Brown. The album was recorded and mixed by Jeff Stuart Saltzman (Bloc Party, Menomena, Stephen Malkmus, Typhoon). This is is her tenth record and possibly her best ; two of her songs were featured in the late Scott Miller’s classic countdown-of-best-songs-ever book,”Music: What Happened?”

Brown explains the new album’s perspective:  ”Half asleep one night, I thought about the space junk orbiting the earth looking down at the Pacific garbage gyre. The space junk got more and more obsessed until it broke free of Earth’s orbit and fell into the ocean, joining the gyre. Anyway, that’s where the song “Little Gyre” came from. A one-sided love song from the viewpoint of a kind of stalkerish bunch of sky garbage.”

”I guess I had garbage on the mind. Land and ocean and outer space, all filled up with garbage in an impressively short timespan–something I wouldn’t have thought possible as a kid. Just one of our relatively recent, awesome achievements. Go, humanity!”

”I’m struggling to come to grips with an increasingly absurd world, like anyone. Run Tiny Human is partly what my brain makes of it. And per usual, the way people behave and cope is what interests me and sometimes (ok, often) horrifies me. And also touches me.”

Rachel lives just outside Portland, in Shelbyville, Oregon with her husband and sister.  Not knowing about Rachel is easy. She doesn’t get out much and it can take some effort to find her music. Nonetheless, her devoted following now spans the globe, and new converts are known to buy all of her accumulated output, in one fell swoop, soon after they first discover her work.

Popdose has featured Ms. Brown previously, so see what you think of this latest excursion into her musical mind!

Run Tiny Human will be available on Friday, October 19, 2018


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