Layout 1Some musicians are destined for their craft; some are pre-destined. For George Castrinos of the Saint James Band, his penchant for guitar was almost mystical. ”When I was a kid my guitar was my higher power,” he says, “and when I would play the notes, the sound and tones I would get from it would give me purpose.”

Now, he’s translating that purpose into the band’s Always Be With You, an album brimming with classic American themes and sounds, from Delta blues to folk to sunshiney swirls. Along the way, Castrinos relates dribs and drabs of wisdom gleaned from overcoming addiction and finding strength in the darkness.

The album’s first single, its title track, is a mellow groover of an earworm that factors in wicked slides, lush instrumentation, and a positive vibe. Likewise, its accompanying video, premiering here in a Popdose exclusive, celebrates love and family, and is sure to leave the listener smiling. Check it out below!

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