Good day, Monday morning quarterbacks!

Once upon a time, long ago (well, not THAT long ago), Popdose had the Friday Mixtape feature, a regular fixture of the site. It was a popular feature, but times changed between when the column began and when it ended. The primary culprit was the so-called death of the MP3, that people preferred to stream their music, and that diminishing returns would continue to…diminish.

Where is the Thesaurus when you need it?

As we plunge headlong into 2018, Popdose is bringing the Mixtape back, but in Playlist form. We’re sure you’ll be streaming to your heart’s content, and thank you for making popdose your pop culture pitstop!

What are you giving us here?

Kino – Leave a Light On – Picture (Kino has a brand new album, Radio Voltaire, arriving in March 2018)

Pugwash – What Are You Like – Silverlake (This version of Pugwash finds Thomas Walsh paired as a duo with Jason Falkner)

Carptree – Ten Days Of Rain – Carptree (Carptree released a new album, Emerger, in 2017)

Pinetop Seven – Fringe – The Night’s Bloom (Pinetop Seven was instrumental in the emergence of the Americana music scene in Indie Rock)

The Seventy Sevens – The Rain Kept Falling In Love – Pray Naked (The 77’s album Drowning With Land In Sight will be reissued in 2018)

Calexico – Two Silver Trees – Spiritoso (Calexico has released a brand new album, The Thread That Keeps Us)

Duncan Maitland – Alien At Home – Lullabyes For The 21st Century (Duncan Maitland is currently at work on new music)

Fates Warning – Another Perfect Day – FWX (Fates Warning’s albums Perfect Symmetry and Parallels have recently been reissued)

The Call – I Don’t Wanna – Into The Woods (The Call’s lead singer Michael Been was the father of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club’s Robert Levon Been)

Steve Scott – Emotional Tourist – Lost Horizon (Steve Scott recently released a brand new album of spoken word/ambient music, Cross My Heat)

XTC – Respectable Street – Black Sea (Black Sea was recently re-released as part of XTC’s deluxe reissue series)

The Swirling Eddies – Hide The Beer, The Pastor’s Here – Outdoor Elvis (The Swirling Eddies is an offshoot of the band Daniel Amos, featuring most of the same members)

David Myhr – Got You Where He Wanted – Soundshine (David Myhr was a member of the band The Merrymakers)

Anathema – A Fine Day To Exit – A Fine Day To Exit (Anathema released the sequel to A Fine Day To Exit, The Optimist, in 2017)

Paul Melancon – Fine – Camera Obscura (Paul Melancon has a YouTube series that features his renditions of pop classics and favorites)

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