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If there’s one thing we at Popdose love more than 1980s sitcoms it’s March Madness. Actually that’s not true at all, but we do love ’80s sitcoms. Some of them at any rate. But since America seems to love tournaments in bracket form, we’re running one of our own this year. To make things even more fun and exciting we’re leaving it to you, our loyal readers, to determine which shows win and which get canceled!

At last, the championship is here! Your votes have carried Cheers and Three’s Company through five grueling rounds against fierce competition. And so now it’s time to vote for which is the best sitcom of the 1980s. But before you make your choice, here’s a quick comparison:

Original Run

Cheers — 11 seasons (1982 – 1993), 270 episodes
Three’s Company — 8 seasons (1977 – 1984), 172 episodes

Top Season Rating

Cheers — #1 (1990-91)
Three’s Company — #1 (1979-80)


CheersThe Tortellis, Frasier
Three’s CompanyThe Ropers, Three’s a Crowd

Awards & Accolades

Cheers — 111 Emmy nominations (28 wins), 31 Golden Globe nominations (6 wins)
Three’s Company — 5 Emmy nominations (1 win), 7 Golden Globe nominations (2 wins)

If you need a recap of the rules or the selection process, click here.

The Bracket

Popdose ’80s Sitcom March Madness — Small Bracket, Championship

For the full-size bracket, click here.

Let’s get to it! Polls will close on April 5th at 12pm Popdose Standard Time. That’s right, this decision is so important the polls will be open an extra day.

The Championship Matchup

'80s Sitcom March Madness - (1) Cheers vs. (3) Three’s Company

'80s Sitcom March Madness Championship: (1) Cheers vs. (3) Three’s Company

  • (1) Cheers (88%, 98 Votes)
  • (3) Three’s Company (13%, 14 Votes)

Total Voters: 112

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