So the troubled B-movie-homage-that’s-also-a-B-movie The Canyons is finally coming out this week, starring Lindsay Lohan and James Deen. I think at some point we all thought that porn would lure in legitimate actor Lindsay Lohan, but instead, Lohan lured porn actor James Deen into legitimate movies.

It is very unlikely, but not impossible, for Deen to cross over to mainstream film success; many have attempted, and a few have succeeded, although ever became what one would call a movie star. And often they get pigeonholed (pun intended) into roles that require nudity or simulated intercourse. But hey, the pay is good, you get a SAG card, and no penetration!

Here are 10 movies that included among their casts a former adult film professional.

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Zack and Miri Make a Porno

Porn star Katie Morgan plays a girl who helps Zack and Miri…make a porno. She’s actually pretty funny as a character with which she is intimately familiar.

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Notorious adult film star Traci Lords wasn’t actually an adult when she made her adult films, but camp and controversy lover John Waters made her a part of his troupe of regular actors. She’s great as a juvenile delinquent ”fast” girl/bus driver’s daughter in Waters’ marvelous 50s sendup.

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The Girlfriend Experience

Grey plays a prostitute doling out ”the girlfriend experience,” which is apparently a thing gross men do in which they pay a woman a large sum of money to not only have sex with them, but to also pretend to love them. It’s a savvy casting choice by Steven Soderbergh, using an actual sex worker to explore the emotional ramifications of sex work.

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Boogie Nights

One of the many subplots of Boogie Nights concerns Amber Waves (Julianne Moore) attempting, and heartbreakingly failing, to get custody of her child. The judge who denies Amber Waves custody is played by ex-porn star Veronica Hart. Hart’s real-life custody struggle was the inspiration for the story.

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Swimming to Cambodia

Spalding Gray was the Frank Lloyd Wright of monologists (because name a second one). An immensely talented writer and performer, one of Gray’s first showbiz jobs in the 70s was in a porno called Farmer’s Daughters. That’s just something light to think about should you ever choose to watch the agonizing The Killing Fields, or Gray’s account of shooting it, Swimming to Cambodia.

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Detroit Rock City

Ron ”The Hedgehog” Jeremy, the charming father figure from The Surreal Life, and star of eight billion pornos, portrayed a strip club DJ in this kind-of-great KISS movie.

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He Got Game

Chasey Lain, the Bloodhound Gang’s favorite porn star, dabbled in boner-free-flicks in 1998, in the basketball drama He Got Game. Sort of. She appears topless in a sex scene.

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Very Bad Things

Of course the most misogynistic movie of all time has a porn star in it. Kobe Tai plays the plot device — the stripper that the dude-bros accidentally kill. Ugh.

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Private Parts

Porn star Jenna Jameson plays herself in this, but then so does noted porn star enthusiast and occasional broadcaster Howard Stern.

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Young Guns II

This movie featured Ginger Lynn, a porn star, but the only whore here is the movie’s theme song provider, Jon Bon Jovi.

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