It’s been a whirlwind couple of days for rock star, motivational speaker, and professional Brony Andrew W.K., what with his unexpected outing as the U.S.’s cultural ambassador to Bahrain — and the government’s speedy change of heart vis a vis sending Andrew overseas to spread our cornerstone values of “music, freedom and positive party power” in an official capacity.

Given that Mr. W.K. now finds himself out of a job, we thought he might be able to use a few suggestions for his next surprising gig, and we put our heads together to provide a helpful list — complete with photo suggestions. Here’s hoping you find work soon, Andrew!

Andrew Ph.D

Andrew Ph.D.

Matriculate Til You Puke

Andrew 007

Andrew 007

WK. Andrew WK.

Andrew CPA

Andrew IT

Close Calls with Pocket Protectors

Andrew P.I.

Andrew, P.I.

I Want to See You Go Macadamia Nuts

Andrew TNG

Andrew TNG

It’s Time to Make It So

Andrew DDS

Andrew DDS

Got to Drill It

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