OK, I’ll admit it — I’ve been sitting around my house like South Park’s Eric Cartman waiting for the new Charli XCX album, Sucker, to come out in October… “come on — come aaaaaahn”. Thankfully, a delicious slice of dance pop cherry pie just landed on my plate. ‘Can’t Getcha Out’ is the new single from Nat Jay, perhaps the loveliest Canadian pop star import since Robin Sparkles. The track recently won the “Best of British Columbia” award from Shore 104.3 FM in BC.

“Getcha” is the lead single from her new album, All I Think When I Wake Up (out September 23).

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“This is the only song on the album that was not written on guitar,” she tells us. “It took three piano chords, a beat, and a broken heart. It’s also the the only song with electronic elements, courtesy of Daniel Byrne. I remember starting to write it on Garageband and then finishing it in the shower. It sounds weird, but I finish a lot of songs in the shower. I guess it’s because there are no distractions and it’s so relaxing, I can let my mind be creative.”

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