Proving the power of social media in 2017, Los Angeles-based electronic pop artist Ramsey has garnered over 80,000 fans across her platforms. Of course, what inspires her loyal followers is her unique voice and dark sound, a hallmark of the ways pop music is evolving.

In many ways, it’s as infectious as anything on Top 40 radio — a testament to Ramsey’s creative vision. Instead of relying on internet celebrity, she’s carving out her own niche, which — to be frank — is needed more than ever.

After posting her first track on Soundcloud less than a year ago, Ramsey’s garnered over two million streams and has reemerged with a new single, making its Popdose premiere. Check out “Love Surrounds You” below, and for more on this fresh voice, head over to Facebook.

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Allison Johnelle Boron

Allison lives in Los Angeles where she is a freelance music journalist, jug band enthusiast, and industry observer. She is also the editor of REBEAT magazine. Find her on Twitter.

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