Relaizations and Declariations V2 Scott KrokoffNYC-based singer/songwriter Scott Krokoff knows about dreams deferred. Unable to support himself on his music alone, Krokoff decided to instead pursue a career as a lawyer, leaving behind his work with his college band, Equinox, who made four albums and were hot on the ’90s New York club scene. Now, finally, he’s returning to his roots, making music in the vein of 1960s and ’70s songsmiths, but also recalling hot up-and-comers like Father John Misty.

His latest single from his upcoming album, Realization and Declarations, Vol. 2 (out August 14), deals with a familiar theme to anyone who’s ever had a crush on a friend (so, basically everyone.) and what happened when he tried to take the relationship from platonic to romantic. Maybe whatever inspired this track was a bit of a blow, but for Krokoff, this musical renaissance has been long overdue.

”Many of my songs are about not giving up and pursuing what you love for obvious reasons,” he says. “My situation is proof positive that if you really want to, you’ll find a way. Stoke the fire of your dream and you will be able to spark the dreams of others.”

Hear “I Got Nothing” from Scott Krokoff below, and remember to look for Realizations and Declarations, Vol. 2 in August. And check out a special teaser video for his upcoming album on YouTube!

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