After last night’s presidential debate, I think all of our collective brains could use a cleansing. This morning, Simone, a rising talent on the Los Angeles pop scene, dropped her second single, ‘Daydreams’. It’s exactly that, a wistful song of the summer, better late than never as the trees start to turn red, gold and brown — well, everywhere except LA. Deep in the mix, co-produced with Troy Tyrer, you can hear a babbling EDM undercurrent, but Simone’s dreamy, multi-tracked vox are front and center (imagine Enya with Gaga ambitions).

The song came about after Simone moved to the City of Angels and was soaking up the indescribable energy around her; she felt both inspired and scared at the same time and wanted to capture that feeling in sound.

For lovers of bright and shimmery pop, the track will take the edge off until Lady Gaga and Little Mix set off the big pop music fireworks later this fall. With more music on the way, be sure to connect with Simone via her official website or facebook.



Download ‘Daydreams’ on Amazon MP3 or iTunes; or stream it on your favorite platform.

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