If you’re wondering, atÁºn means tuna, and yes, it does have something to do with the New Investors’ premier single. As the band, which hails from Copenhagen, explains, the song was inspired by a set at the Cavern Club in Liverpool when drummer Kristian Karup noticed what appeared to be an audience member eating a tuna sandwich. Karup called out, “Tienes un boccadillo con atÁºn?” (“Do you have a tuna sandwich?”). At first, the audience was silent. I mean, when’s the last time you’ve heard tuna used as stage banter? Finally, another guy responds with “Pero no hay!” (“But I don’t have any!”). And apparently, that lack of tuna is what led to this tune(a).

Although the New Investors are native Danes, they chew up and spit out an American surf-rock sound that would make Dick Dale proud. Melded with shades of psych, bossa nova, and a touch of jazz, “AtÁºn” hints at what’s to come on the band’s debut album, out this August. Check out the video below, and watch out for the tuna sandwich cameo amid all of the twisting and shimmying beach bunnies.

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