All revolutions must come to an end, and for French Horn Rebellion, the end is near, by which we mean today with the release of Graduation Compilation. This set, a mixture of past hits and new tracks, doesn’t mark the end of the band, just Phase 1.0, an era that saw brothers David and Robert Perlick-Molinari move from Milwaukee to Brooklyn and set the world on fire with their French Horn-based electronic dance music. 

Prior to the release of their debut album, 2011’s The Infinite Music of The French Horn Rebellion, David produced MGMT’s Time To Pretend EP. They’ve toured with that band, kindred spirits like Cut Copy , Hot Chip, Two Door Cinema Club, not to mention timeless acts like the B-52’s and Blondie. As remixers, they’ve worked with everyone from Beyonce to OMD. 

In 2010, David told Interview‘s Katie Mendelson that their music was ”intensive, sensitive, and runs the gamut of the human condition.” And yes, the horn is part of the sound, not just a catchy band name. “Our album is actually centered around the French horn,” David said. “It has to do with the struggle to understand who you are. The reason why the whole band started was Robert felt like he wasn’t fitting in. In modern society, the horn player has very limited options.”

New single, ‘Renaissance Man’, is a collaboration with Laurence Jepson and Charlie Dale of indie pop duo Lejon. “‘Renaissance Man’ is a tune about the simpler things in love,” David tells Popdose. “The track features true Renaissance period instruments: Robert on Natural Horn heavily disguised as a Moog bass synth, Charlie on recorder masquerading as a synth organ and a piano break by Laurence recorded on an 18th Century (ok, not quite Renaissance) Steinway.” 

Also included on Graduation Compilation is French Horn Rebellion’s delicious 2018 single, ‘Rooftops’ featuring Natalie Duffy:

Graduation Compilation is available today to download and stream



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