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If you’ve been Jonesing for a Sarah McLachlan fix without all the depressing caged animal misery that often goes with it, Nashville’s Heather Bond is here to whisk you way into a fluffy white cloud of lush, romantic, guilt-free piano pop. Her simmering full-length debut, So Long (out September 18th, 2015), was produced by Grammy-award winner Matthew Odmark of Jars of Clay.

The title track is a slow-burn stunner that would fit nicely into your “me time” and/or “getting over you” playlist. Considering she lives in the home of country music, perhaps Bond can ask a neighbor to whip up a Nashville remix with a lil steel guitar to get this single on the radio.


Bond’s lovely vocals take center stage throughout the affair, backed by a delicate piano here and a string section there. She delivers dreamy songs to cozy up to on a rainy day with a strong coffee, a good read and nowhere to go. Popdose was particularly fond of the rhythmic flourishes on ‘Some Other Lover‘; the crackling drum, entwined with waves of Bond’s stacked vocals and a Sia-sized piano build, it’s quite the rush.

Heather Bond So Long

So Long is an enchanting listen for fans of Kate Bush, Sia, Ingrid Michaelson or Norah Jones. You can pre-order it on Amazon and connect with her via her official site or Facebook and Twitter.

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