Charli XCX is taking forever and a day to release her second LP. Lady Gaga is moving on from her Artflop with a promising jazz duets album with Tony Bennett. So what’s a boy to do who is craving a dark, lush and gothy synth pop track in the vein of M83, Goldfrapp and the aforementioned dark divas? Enter Ms. Lilly Wolf.

I’m usually not one to repeat publicist correspondence verbatim, but this damn near poetic piece of press prose describes the song way better than I can:

Verses float spare, haunting vocals over a Dirty South beat with a boomy kick, 808 snare, and glitchy hi-hats. Choruses open up into the big-indie feel of a Naked & Famous or M83 track, with melodically expansive vocals (similar to Lorde or Purity Ring) over a menacing low end. The bridge folds back down, settling into a major lift before building into the final chorus. The song is intentionally cinematic, tracking the tension, explosiveness, and calm in a cycle of violence.

I would have merely said, “With one keyboard-playing hand in the 1980’s and the other in the distant future, ‘Burn With You’ throbs with epic, corset heaving, synth-pop orchestral intensity. If the 50 Shades of Grey trailer had this song in it, perhaps we’d all be a bit more excited about the film.” No offense to Queen Bey of course. As for everyone else involved, the flick looks about as erotic as a Dove Bar commercial.

Back to Ms. Wolf, she is a classically trained pianist who has been writing songs since age 8. The track was produced by her college friend, Alex Neuhausen, aka Dr. Nu. The duo have built a dedicated following in the underground dance-pop community in Brooklyn, frequenting events like Brooklyn Wildlife and The SFX Party. A residency at Pianos NYC begins this weekend.

Download this track and other Lilly Wolf songs for FREE (for a limited time) and stay up on live dates by connecting with her on facebook.

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