The main ingredient for an honest, true artist is always authenticity, whether that comes from a trained background or from somewhere deep inside one’s heart and soul. For Ted West, his quest to recording artist made a pit stop at acting before he decided that the book of self-penned poetry he’d carried around since he was a teenager (ala Jim Morrison) needed to be translated to song. (West even includes a few nods to Morrison on his new record, True West, including a cover of the Doors’ “The Crystal Ship.”)

West’s sound walks the line between urban decay and psychedelia, often melding the two together to create a sound that’s modern Los Angeles — an updated Morrison, if you will. There’s nothing throwback to find here, just a wholly streamlined, “today” album for today’s radio listener… as well as those vinyl-spinners among us.

Now, check out the haunting, enchanting “Bittersweet Descent” from True West, out October 27.

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Allison Johnelle Boron

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