As purveyors or breathtakingly gorgeous, cinematic pop, Cleveland’s The Modern Electric are one of the most exciting bands on the modern rock landscape.  Fans of the Killers who are wondering when the hell a great new Killers record will come out need look no further than Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, a new album The Modern Electric is releasing one track at a time as 2015 unwinds. Fear not, the whole enchalada is due on CD this Summer.

Each track will be paired with a Sundance worthy video with the band proving to have as much prowess behind the camera as they do the mic. If you’re fond of Wes Anderson and Jason Reitman, these short films are for you.

‘When All Else Fails’ folWhen All Else Fails NOW PLAYINGlows on the heels of January’s stellar ‘Great Expectations’. The former tackles the highs and lowdowns of adult relationships with the same angst, humor and charm as the latter handles imploding teenage lust and romance. Nods to The Breakfast Club, Heathers, and Say Anything are deftly woven in to satiate the film buffs in the crowd.

Cleveland musician Tom Evanchuck plays our broken-hearted hero (friend him on facebook). Friend of the band, the beautiful and compelling Mindy Ciofani, plays the heroine. Both deliver Independent Spirit Award worthy performances; Mindy as the woman with one foot out the door and the other on the gas; and Tom the flawed but perfect man she leaves behind. Note to every man on the planet — when you find a woman with a penchant for John Cusack movies who has not one, but two working tape decks, you never let her go.

The whole affair would be all for not without the music; thankfully the songs here are absolutely stunning. It’s just a matter of time before the Modern Electric breaks through the clutter and becomes a staple on radio worldwide. Early adopters, savor em while you can.

When All Else Fails:

Stream it here:

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Great Expectations:

Connect with the Modern Electric on facebook and download a free mixtape here. Get their first album on Amazon as well as the single for Great Expectations. See the 2014 POPDOSE feature on the band’s epic ‘David Bowie Save Us All (Redux)’ here.

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