Atlanta has been a hotbed of musical action pretty much forever, and the ATL’s new golden children, All the Locals, are representing its prowess to the nth degree. While they’re not quite as country as their hometown brother Gram Parsons, the riff of their new track, “Weatherman,” was inspired by folks from Parsons’ circle, namely Buffalo Springfield. Combining pop, soul, and a little bit of a funky beat, All the Locals likes to dub their sound “soulternative,” a fitting moniker for the unique brew they’re concocting.

With sets at both CMJ and SXSW under their belts, this grooving group has already started the ball rolling in preparation for a summer tour starting in August. Getting the party started right is the video for “Weatherman,” a somewhat maybe too-literal interpretation of the title is stifled with the undeniably soulful track, helmed by lead singer Johnny Schmarkey. Think of everything you wish Uncle Kracker and Train could be if they stepped up their games and joined forces, then kick it up about 1,000 more notches, and you have something close to All the Locals.

The inspiration behind the song lies in a completely human action we all engage in daily. ”Whether it’s your spouse, friend, colleague, or a pet…Everybody has someone they rain on at the end of the day,” says ATL, ”We’re all faulty weathermen.” True enough.

Check out the video for All the Locals’ video “Weatherman” below!


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