I’ve got a soft spot for anyone who, like me, moves to LA from the midwest. Austin David, originally from Michigan, relocated to the City of Angels and is cranking out a new brand of California pop/rock worthy of hearkening a new era of SoCal sound. His track “Find Me a New Way” recalls bands like Red Hot Chili Peppers (and if there’s one band LA radio loves, it’s Flea and the Gang) but merges that ’90s beat with today’s Top 40.

His new video for “Find Me a New Way” celebrates three distinct aspects of California life: the stereotypical cowboy style complete with line dances, the swanky club kid, and the forever-vacationer in a Hawaiian shirt hanging out by a pool. Accompanied by a trio of female dancers, David wanders through different landscapes, proverbially finding a new way for himself. It’s obvious that, in this case, art is imitating life, and as Austin David makes his mark in LA, his music will make his mark on listeners everywhere.


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