Morristown, NJ reggae artist Blindman (a.k.a Derek Gazal), who has shared East coast stages with an eclectic group of internationally-acclaimed artists, including Kanye West, The Roots, Julian Marley, Talib Kweli and Wyclef Jean, has a new video for the track ”Lonely Road”.

The ”Lonely Road” video was created by Blindman and Myke Rivera from Pinkbull Design Worldwide. This exquisitely animated clip features a boy and his lion cub friend journeying together through life as orphans. Blindman had consulted Rivera on the idea and they worked together for a few months coming up with the script for the video. They were familiar with each other from their days in the band “The Community”, which Rivera fronts and Blindman writes and performs with. After the script was drafted, Rivera moved from NJ to Florida. Months passed, while Blindman finished the upcoming See With Your Heart album (which will feature the track ”Lonely Road” and will be released 4/14/17) before the two met again in Florida to discuss Pinkbull Design Worldwide handling the upcoming album’s cover. During the meeting, Rivera mentioned that Pinkbull now had the ability to adapt the script into an animated clip and ”Lonely Road” is the astonishing result of their shared artistic journey.

Please have a listen and watch!

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