You might remember Malea from “Give,” the track that landed her in the Top 20 Dance Club Songs on Billboard in 2014. The Los Angeles-based songstress is best known for giving us a good, groovable beat, but on her new track, “You’ll Never Fix My Heart,” she shows ultimate vulnerability and paints an all-too-relatable scene for her listeners.

Told from the perspective of both sides of an argument, Malea presents two kinds of heartbreak: the kind that comes from giving up, and the kind that comes from an inevitable resolution. Set against vibrant sets and glimpses of the La Loma Bridge in Pasadena, the video for “You’ll Never Fix My Heart” perfectly complements its acoustic, raw, soul-baring vibe. The song, however, isn’t merely passive; its chorus is a clever hook that stays lodged in your brain long after the track ends. (Trust me.)

Check out Malea’s video for “You’ll Never Fix My Heart” below, and be sure to visit her website for more information on her music.

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