One of the most validating channels today for up-and-coming artists is the humble Spotify playlist. Yes, until recently, playlists on the streaming giant were merely for creating an ideal workout mix and exploring coffee-house favorites during work hours. Now, however, they’re becoming a hot conduit to discover musicians who will probably become the superstars of tomorrow.

Enter Future Elevators, who gained worldwide attention after BBC Radio 1 DJ and tastemaker Annie Mac featured them on a global playlist, thus exposing them to thousands of listeners hungry for fresh talent. Their sound, which has been compared to MGMT, Passion Pit, and Phoenix, is an amalgam of the most current sounds permeating the airwaves, with its robotized backbeat and synthesized melodies, but also calls back accessible tunes from the past half-century. It might be what the Zombies would sound like if they were a pop group in 2017.

The Birmingham, Alabama-based band’s newest offering is “Modern World,” the video for which takes viewers on a tour of New Orleans, still reeling from the effects of Hurricane Katrina a decade on. Obviously, the juxtaposition of the song’s title and the video’s setting is a hint of wry irony, and probably more symbolic than the band even meant it to be.

Still, even without the moving visuals, the song is catchy and memorable — and could truly find a home on anyone’s playlist.

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