Popdose kicked off the year by premiering the video for ‘Best Self’, the melodic “tip of the iceberg” of new, original material coming from Grace Gaustad, one of the most exciting emerging artists in pop music these past few years. Grace’s Instagram following is closing in on a half million, while her Spotify spins alone are north of five million — not bad for an unsigned singer/songwriter who, like Billie Eilish, is using social media and breathtaking covers to draw worldwide fans to her own, truly incredible original songs. 

2019 was notable for Grace in many ways — in addition to producing a steady stream of new content, she also graduated from high school a year early by combining her junior and senior years. Right before graduation, she dropped Human, her first EP of all original material. Most of Grace’s fans will be too young to remember how Earth-shaking it was to hear Christina Aguilera’s voice for the first time, but in 20 years, they will surely be comparing the next big thing to Grace. She delivers the goods in seven tracks that would give any major label pop record, written by a stable of A-listers, a run for its money. 

Today, Grace shares the latest video from her EP, ‘Louder’:

“We all make mistakes every day; some big and some small,” Grace told us when discussing the song. “Sometimes we hurt ourselves and sometimes we hurt those who mean the most to us. We can choose to ignore mistakes or we can choose to face them and accept the consequences. The best lessons in life are the ones you learn on your own because when you lose someone you really care about out of selfishness, your eyes open.”

The video, directed by Leo Deveny, is stark, gorgeous, and confessional. “We shot the video in just a few hours and although it’s simple, the concept behind it was to show a person in total agony being eaten alive with guilt and raw emotions almost to the point they break,” Grace said.

Grace plans on releasing her debut full length album in 2020. In the meantime, you can stream Human and all of her music on Spotify, Tidal, and other digital music sites, or buy her CD and MP3s on Amazon. For all the latest news and new tracks, connect with Grace on Instagram

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