You could listen to Hannah Williams & the Affirmations’ “Late Night and Heartbreak” for the first time, but you already have.

Confused? The killer hook from this insane ’70s soul throwback track was used for Jay-Z’s bombshell “4:44.” Yeah, I thought it was a long-lost bleeding-soul, maybe Muscle Shoals record, too, and if a song can fool me, the Queen of Retro, it’s certainly proving its mettle as a timeless, classic sound.

I’ve honestly encountered few bands in the past decade that truly exemplify the iconic blue-eyed soul genre as much as Hannah Williams & the Affirmations. Williams’ voice falls somewhere between Linda Ronstadt and Gladys Knight, adding real depth to the horn-soaked instrumental tracks of her Affirmations. This track in particular, “Late Nights & Heartbreak,” showcases how that magic, time-honored concoction still really works and is still so, so important in music today.

Check out the beautifully shot video for “Late Nights & Heartbreak” below. Afterward, take another listen to “4:44” and be amazed at how seamlessly the clip complements Jay’s sick beats.

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