If you’ve ever dreamt of being transported to a technicolor dreamland with fantastic visual and audio sensations, good news! Imani Scott‘s new video for “Throwing Glitter” delivers a punch with just enough psychedelia to make you wish everything was jarringly vibrant and refreshingly discombobulating — in other words, that tasty mix of addicted uneasiness that’s the same reason we ride roller coasters and swim with sharks. It’s a rush.

Scott is an up-and-coming songstress whose social conscious is on full display in her music — probably just as much as her signature shade of blue in this music video. Although her own particular brand of pop music is infectious and undeniably catchy, she’s also committed to not shirk away from the chance to hold a mirror up to her listeners and get real. It’s this level that makes her one to watch, although her music certainly makes her one to listen to.

Check out the video for her too-fun new track “Throwing Glitter” making its Popdose premiere below!

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