In the new frontier of the music industry, streaming is not only a way for artists to get discovered but also a conduit connecting them to fans. R&B songsmith Jase Harley has racked up a staggering 12 million streams on is his 2016 album Free Pxrn: the Memoir of an American Heathen after breaking on Pandora. His style, while influenced by hip-hop, soul, jazz, even film composers like Hans Zimmer, is similar to the Weeknd’s genre-blending sound and Drake’s pop transcendence.

The inspiration for his songs, Harley says, comes from real life. ”I don’t rap about anything that doesn’t happen to me,” he says. In fact, his latest single, “Between the Lines,” is ”about the relationship between me and one of my exes.”

In his new video for “Between the Lines,” Harley and dancer Olivia L. Burgess display the delicate back and forth of a couple on the brink of destruction. Calling back to Flashdance, it shows off Burgess’ fleet feet amid Harley’s delicate beats and emotional melodies.

Check out Jase Harley’s video for “Between the Lines” below!

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