If you’re missing a burst of sunshine in these bleak winter days, don’t go looking for it outdoors. Instead, turn to John Hickman’s new single, “Hello Hello.” Its bouncy, optimistic melody turns even the sourist of moods into the sunniest.

With a sound evocative of groups like the Cure and the Kinks, Hickman crafts a ’60s-tinged pop song worthy of any audiophile’s playlist. Its infectious lyrics are sure to burrow their way into your head, forcing you to listen to it on repeat (not a bad thing). Its similarity to the Beatles is sure to delight any Fab Four fan; listen for the not-so-subtle tribute to “Hello, Goodbye” two-and-a-half minutes in.

The video for “Hello Hello” is also somewhat of a throwback. Its merging of live-action and sketched scenes recalls A-ha’s landmark music video for “Take on Me.” The concept recalls those exciting early days in a relationship and seeing the world in a whole new light for the first time.

Take a peek at John Hickman’s video for “Hello Hello” below — making its Popdose Premiere!

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