When making a music video, the ultimate outcome is often a mixture of the director’s vision and the artist’s music. It may seem obvious that the best videos result from a collaboration where both parties are on the same wavelength. As we’ve all seen, however, that’s not often the case.

Luckily for Minus the Bear, director Dan Huiting immediately envisioned a divine video concept for their song “Last Kiss.” “I instantly saw the band performing in a new, digital world that would be beautifully surreal and also very geometrically pattern inspired,” says Huiting.

They were able to pull it off in a way that reflects both Huiting’s taste and Minus the Bear’s signature rock/experimental sound. With vignette reminiscent of those silhouetted Apple commercials and mysterious shadows, it drapes the band in allure and complements the song, which extolls the very real emotions that go along with complicated relationships.

“I think we ended up with a video that represents the band very well,” says Huiting. “They look and sound great, and we were able to come up with some super rad effects and a piece as a whole that everyone involved is proud of.”

Check out the video for Minus the Bear’s “Last Kiss” below!


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