There are few universal themes as profound as that of loss, especially when it involves significant life events that make you miss someone even more. Boston-by-way-of-Brooklyn artist Palehound, nee Ellen Kempner, explores this very human, very raw experience in her new video and track, “If You Met Her.”

The title says most of it. The song remembers Kempner’s close friend, Lily, who passed away unexpectedly. ”When you lose a friend—a young friend—nothing can prepare you for that,” she says. Amid dealing with her grief, Kempner began a new relationship, which ignited a whole host of feelings. Predictably, she entered into a whole new phase of the grieving process: that of not being able to introduce her friend to her new partner. ”I’m with someone new,” she sings, “and I know that you would love her if you met her.”

Kempner’s sound, which recalls the best of female-fronted ’90s alt-rock, is complemented by its video, created by students at the Real to Reel Filmschool at Raw Art Works in Lynn, Massachusetts. That fresh vision perfectly illustrated the complicated, conflicting light-dark dichotomy of Kempner’s emotions, illustrating the depth of her lyrics.

Check out the video for Palehound’s “If You Met Her” below!

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