Phil Gammage is a name long known to blues fans as a master of his craft. With eight albums under his belt and numerous accolades as an accompanist, Gammage’s career has spanned the globe and pulled in other genres and projects along the way. Our own Rob Ross called his album Adventures in Bluesland, “…a great/pleasant surprise. Adventures in Bluesland is not so much an adventure but a pleasurable listening trip.”

His new video for “Lost in Loserville” finds Gammage channeling some major Woodstock (the city, not the festival) vibes – and not just because it was filmed in the Hudson Valley. The visuals were inspired by Elliot Landy’s iconic photos of the Band, and the washed-out imagery of Gammage performing outdoors complements the song’s folksy, chugging rhythm like something out of another era.

Watch it below, and check out Phil Gammage’s Used Man for Sale at Bandcamp.

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