If you’re the type of person who likes your Halloween to last all year, do I have a music video for you.

I doubt that Adam Silvestri, aka Radiator King, meant to evoke the eerie, unsettling spirit of Halloween with his video for “The Guns You Pawned,” but with its sepia-tone and haunting images, not to mention the raw grit of Silvestri’s voice, you can’t help but feel a chill race up your spine as you watch. The title is a bit of foreshadowing to the video’s plot: the unadulterated reality of what American life is like. It’s not McMansions and Range Rovers; it’s literal mud-slinging and pawning guns.

From Silvestri’s third album, “The Guns You Pawned” evokes everything from gravel-y voiced bluesmen to shades of punk rock. The song itself is a powerful snapshot of this moment in not just life but culture at large, but with its accompanying music video, it becomes a bonfide narrative. And honestly, considering the chaos of being alive in 2017, is pretty chilling.

Check out the video for Radiator King’s “The Guns You Pawned” below!

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