Originally hailing from Oklahoma, singer-songwriter Roger Jaeger found inspiration far from home: in India. After falling in love with the sitar, he started incorporating a more diverse array of instrumentation and arrangements into his mainstream pop-rock sound. What resulted was a surprising blend that sounds a bit like Gavin DeGraw in his heyday but with a rock ‘n’ roll backbone.

Recently, Jaeger’s garnered placements on major networks like Discovery, MTV, and NASCAR. In March, he’s hitting the road in support of his third album, Start Over. It’s no wonder industry powerhouses are taking notice of this remarkable artist. His sound is both modern and timeless, as relevant today as it will be 20 years from now.

His new single, “Elevator,” embraces the familiar themes of finding an escape through music. Following Jaeger from his shoot-me-please corporate gig to a rooftop concert and beyond to idyllic beaches, it’s the song with an obvious metaphor for a title, but a concept that’s a fantasy for, well, pretty much anyone.

Check out Roger Jaeger’s video for “Elevator” below — making its Popdose Premiere!

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