Sarah Ragsdale first caught my attention back in August when I told you about her single/video for “This Kiss,” which embraces wholesome, happy-go-lucky sounds so desperately needed in these dark times.

Now, Ragsdale is back with another fun, watchable music video for the bouncy “Next Time.” Its uptempo melody belies its lyrics of heartbreak, which the video illustrates in a comical, manic way. Ragsdale brings a dude back to her place after a date and seemingly decides to “slip into something more comfortable.” Her date is excited, but when she emerges in a wedding dress – not so much. Cut to clips of her chasing him through the city interspersed with a disheveled Ragsdale in the wedding dress singing along, tracks of mascara down her cheeks.

The inner feminist in me wants to be salty about the cliche “woman-trying-to-catch-and/or-trick-a-man-into-marriage” trope, but being the “woman of a certain age” that I am, I get it. Some women put the pressures to settle down on themselves; others feel them from external sources. Regardless, they’re there, albeit not all the time for some of us.

Also, this tune is just way too infectious not to bop along and love the cute video. Like “This Kiss” before it, it’s a nice few minutes of escape into a colorful, musical world. And be sure to stay tuned for the last few seconds for a special appearance from Ragsdale’s favorite co-star.

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