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You figure, all romantic relationships can only end in one of two ways: death or a break-up. ‘Baby Blue’ by Los Angeles indie rockers Swerve looks at a love affair in reverse. Whereas Christopher Nolan’s Memento and Seinfeld’s “The Betrayal” (the one with Sue Ellen Mischke’s wedding in India) laid out scenes in reverse, in this clip the footage itself plays backwards.

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“Baby Blue is the story of a relationship, told and filmed in reverse,” said lead vocalist Greg Mahdesian. “Throughout the whole thing I’m the mistral or bard, witnessing and recounting the entire story.” Casey Baird (drums), Ryan Berti (guitar) and Brandon Duncan (bass) round out the band, delivering a perfect summer pop song for fans of Marshall Crenshaw, Matthew Sweet and the Gin Blossoms.

The clip was conceived and produced by Backwards Car Films; directed by Alex Gardels with cinematography by Justin Moore. Max Benton and Claudia Santangelo show a lot of star potential as our doomed couple. With any luck, they will find love again — together or with new partners, in future Swerve clips.

‘Baby Blue’ is from the Swerve EP; you can pick up the song for 89-cents on Amazon, or the entire EP for less than 5 bucks ($4.45 to be exact). Connect with Swerve on facebook, twitter and their official website.

Press pics courtesy of Elizabeth Sloan Photography.

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