All you need to know about the SLVR Tongues‘ approach to country music lies in the subject matter of their new track, “S-Class.” Where most contemporary country artists (and those of yore) romanticize gritty, down ‘n’ dirty pickup trucks, this guy-and-gal duo elevate their vehicle of choice: a Mercedes, to be precise.

It’s a small detail, but one that’s indicative of what listeners can expect from this accessible take on country. Sure, pop-fueled stompers with a Western twang are saturating radio airwaves as “new country” becomes the norm, but this is something entirely different. This is a brand of rock that tips its cowboy hat but never feels anything less than authentic.

“S-Class” unpacks the story of a lusty tryst — you can probably guess where based on its title. The back-and-forth banter between singers Hannah Huntley and James Lynch is complemented (and given a statement-making twang) by bandmate Peter Erik on banjo.

Though the song’s delivery does feel a bit messy at times, it lends itself to the chaos of its subject matter. Exes, backseats… when has this whole thing ever been easy? “Love in the moment, strangers tomorrow,” sing the SLVR Tongues. Fortunately, even after the blissful moments have faded into the rearview, songs like this forever immortalize them.

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