In the tradition of great singer-songwriters through the ages, Camarillo, California-native Travis Marsh sees his role as something a little more substantial than someone who merely shapes ideas into songs. ”I’ve always viewed songwriters as the therapists for the public,” he says. “I think a great songwriter is someone that has mastered the art of tapping into our deepest inner emotions and memories. They can bring you back to moments in your life and then they become a part of you.”

It’s with that mentality that he introduces his newest video for “Don’t Call Me,” a track that evokes those SoCal vibes without the urban decay of city life. (Indeed, although Camarillo is often lumped into the greater LA area, Marsh is quick to make the distinction between the two places; his native city is more agricultural and “there really isn’t much to do besides lock yourself in a room and play music all day,” he says.)

If you notice a twinge of country-rock in Marsh’s sound, you’d be right; he draws on influences like the Eagles, Jackson Browne, and the Avett Brothers, but invokes a bit of Joni Mitchell’s depth. He also recalls Bob Dylans’ social consciousness in his aim to “bring awareness to some of the social injustices we face today from LA to the Windy City.”

Check out the video for Travis Marsh’s “Don’t Call Me” — making its Popdose premiere!


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