Radio City With Jon Grayson & Rob Ross:  Episode One Hundred Forty Two

As things heat up on the political landscape and rational beings start to take cover, Rob and Jon are on the battle lines.  Part of this week’s dissections include pearls of wisdom on social media:  “I don’t have a candidate yet, but the media’s treatment of Warren is despicable.”  This person hasn’t heard about Tulsi Gabbard and the way media’s treated HER…; a Sanders spokesperson tries to say Bloomberg had a heart attack, to deflect questions about Comrade’s state of health…  naturally, she had to walk it back very quickly afterward; polls are meaningless:  a very small, very select poll in California shown on (surprise!) “Morning Joe” had “Sanders running away with the nomination”…  “this could be over before any of it begins!” – and not 5 minutes later, showing the latest NBC/WSJ poll:  Biden would beat Trump, 52 – 49; the debates have meant nothing and meanwhile, the boys provide another heartfelt “In Our Heads” – and still plenty more to listen to and absorb.
So do what you do best – kick back, relax and join the conversation!
Radio City With Jon Grayson & Rob Ross:  Episode One Hundred Forty Two

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