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The rules of this courtroom are simple. You will be presented with two songs, one by the plaintiff and one by the defendant. It is your task to decide if the defendant’s track is only coincidentally similar to the plaintiffs or, as members of the Bar Association put it, gosh darn it, I think they stole that feller’s tune rat’chere! You have been duly instructed.

Today’s docket: Tommy Tutone, plaintiff vs. Bruce Springsteen, defendant

Tommy Tutone – 867-5309/Jenny from Tommy Tutone 2 (1982)

You know, I have only one song anyone really gives a crap about and it’s kept me in good stead for a while. Springsteen has how many tunes under his belt, yet he has to pilfer mine? Strike a blow to The Boss for the little guy!

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Bruce Springsteen – Radio Nowhere from Magic (2008)

It’s not that similar, you drama queen.

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