Live from the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport Men’s Restroom, it’s Senator Larry Craig’s Dance Machine!

“Good evening, everyone. Let’s get this party started with a big favorite where I’m from…The B-52’s “Private Idaho”! I know it gets this Idahoan’s privates movin’! You might even say it’s a real toe tapper!

“And how do you know when you’ve made it big in the ’80s dance world? When Bobby O rips you off blind, that’s how! Here’s his studio creation, Barbie & The Kens’ wholesale thievery of ‘Private Idaho’, retitled ‘Just A Gigolo’, and you know that’s fine by me! Except I don’t like to pay.

“So wave your hands under a stall in the air! Senator Larry Craig’s Dance Machine will return right after this press conference!”

“Private Idaho” peaked at #74 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1980.
“Just A Gigolo” peaked #45 on the Billboard Club Play Singles Chart in 1981.

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