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Little something different this week on Song for the Soundtrack of Your Date Tonight. This edition features two selections made by the No Date artist himself, Greg Laswell. Always been a big fan of Laswell and I had a chance to catch up with him on his trip to Sundance Film Festival to perform at the ASCAP Music CafÁ© this week. His upcoming album, Landline, out April 24, features collaborations with female indie-pop artists: Sia, Ingrid Michaelson, Elizabeth Ziman and Sara Bareilles. I asked Greg (already knowing the answer) if he thought his catalog of music fit more into the Date or No Date bucket. Not surprisingly he declared it largely, No Date. However, he notes, with a twinkle in his eye, there’re some uplifting No Date songs sprinkled in. I’ll take that to mean: hope. Hope for those who struggle with love. And, what about love? Don’t you want someone to share it with you?

Song for the Soundtrack of Your Date Tonight
Hey, here’s something we don’t talk about every day — both women AND men are guilty of pre-date giddiness. Let’s face it. Sometimes the best part of a big date is the anticipation. You may not know where it’s going, but you sure know how you’d like the night to end. Greg Laswell picked this week’s song just for this occasion. He calls this one a ”pre-game (before the big date)” song. Rock along.

[“Bohemian Like You” The Dandy Warhols, Thirteen Tales from Urban Bohemia, Capitol Records, 2000] [youtube id=”CU3mc0yvRNk” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Song for the Soundtrack of Your No Date Tonight
As you sit with your heartbreak and your pint of Ben & Jerry’s tonight, remember you’re not alone. As you mine for each chocolate-covered-caramel-crusted pretzel, find comfort in a song and a belief that although love has kicked your ass, the only way to get back into the game is to stand back up. And if you get knocked down, get back up again. Love is a battlefield.

[“Comes and Goes (In Waves)” Greg Laswell, Three Flights from Alto Nido, Vanguard Records, 2008]

[youtube id=”pEFxfVyz4Uc” width=”600″ height=”350″]

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