Song for the Soundtrack of Your Date Tonight

You’ve got that Friday night make out place in your back pocket. The place you go into without a date, but you almost always leave with a freshly-minted date. A hot one. One with a short-term rental agreement and a long-term option to buy. Like the rulebooks tell you, make eye contact, throw in a quick look away, look back. Still gazing? Go get em. Choose wisely, there’s always one who’ll break your heart, and there’s no cure for pain. Take it away Mr. Sandman…

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Song for the Soundtrack of Your No Date Tonight

Come on. Don’t pretend. You saw the very second that text came in. Feelings spilled. Sweet words on your screen. But you’re too cool for that. Way too cool to respond the minute that message exploded on your phone. You delude yourself. Twenty-four hours more will make the heart grow fonder. And then you’ll step on that blood-pumping beast of burden all over again. Good for you. Who wants to like someone who likes them back anyway? A warm hug after a long, cold, winter’s day’s for sissies. You’re cool. You’re ice, ice baby. You tell ’em, Aretha.

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