Sorry, everybody. Leslie’s at it again. Apparently she violated the restraining order that Dan Auerbach had issued against her and is being held without bail. Fortunately, she used up her one phone call to ask me to do the Song for the Soundtrack of Your Date (No Date) Tonight this week. Hey, at least give her credit for knowing her priorities. Besides, it’s not like a lawyer’s able to do her much good at this point.

Song for the Soundtrack of Your Date Tonight:

Dinner’s done. You cooked a great meal for the two of you and that bottle of pinot grigio didn’t last too long. It’s a gorgeous summer night, and you’re sitting out on the balcony, looking over the city with a mild breeze taking the edge off the day’s heat as the sun sets. In one hand, a cocktail. The other, holding her.

[Julie London, “I’m Glad There Is You,” Julie Is Her Name, 1955]

Song for the Soundtrack of Your No Date Tonight:

What’s the point? Every Friday night for the past few months it’s been the same thing: go out and come home disappointed. Don’t worry about it. Slumps happen to everybody. Take a few days off from the prowl. Relax with a book, go through your Netflix queue, straighten the place up a bit. Nothing wrong with regrouping once in a while. Come back when you’re ready.

[Paul Westerberg, “Once Around the Weekend,” Eventually, 1996]

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