Song for the Soundtrack of Your Date Tonight

Date homework tonight. 1) Put on one of them sexy songs. Oh, hey, that’s below. 2) Then put on the No Date video and study how Babs and Neil look at each other. Off. The. Chain. Go do that. Now.

[The Jesus and Mary Chain, “Just Like Honey” Psychocandy, 1985]


Song for the Soundtrack of Your No Date Tonight

If all bets were off, what would you say to someone, past or present, that hurt you. Touched you. Excited you. Bewildered you. Ruffled you. Caused you to lose some faith in something. That something. What would you say if the neck of your ego wasn’t rubbing up against a freshly oiled chopping block? Maybe you’d wonder where the scars came from. What happened before you met. How come you don’t want to change. How come you never think of the future. Are you only here for the present? How come I don’t understand you. Why the hell do I care so much about understanding you? You don’t bring me flowers anymore. Come to think of it, maybe you never brought flowers. Maybe it was all in the Eternal Sunshine of *our * Spotless Mind. Real or imagined. That may forever be the question.

[Neil Diamond + Barbra Streisand, “You Don’t Bring Me Flowers” Single, 1978]

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