Song for the Soundtrack of Your Date Tonight

Face it. You’re addicted to love if you’re still dedicated to dating Grade A assholes. No matter how many times you tell yourself you’re done with these toxic tangles, you land in that lame lover’s arms again. And again. Philandering pheromones are to blame for those nights you need a little loving without logic. Rock ’em like a hurricane and blow outta there like a Category 5.

[“I Only Want You” Eagles of Death Metal, Peace Love Death Metal, AntAcidAudio, 2004] [youtube id=”sHY1xCl4Qak” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Song for the Soundtrack of Your No Date Tonight

So far there are no reported cases of telepathic dating, yet somehow it’s surprising to be dateless without ever making an effort to snag a sweetie. Time to use the tools that technology gave you. Transport that lust through a landline. You’ll be livin’ large in your Living Room if you do.

[“Living Room” Tegan and Sara, If It Was You, Vapor Records, 2002] [youtube id=”74ezTBSuKy0″ width=”600″ height=”350″]


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