Welcome to our first reader-requested Song-Off Jr.Á‚  A while back, forwardgirl proposed a threesome…and although we felt a bit uncomfortable with it at first, we’ve finally decided it’s time for a little bit of adventure.Á‚  Apologies to those who got shut out of the bedroom (The Chemical Brothers, Jay-Z, Queens of the Stone Age, Nada Surf, Stroke 9, Dianna Krall, Wall of Voodoo, Mase, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Matthew Sweet, Aimee Mann, etc.) but there are only so many bodies that can fit on a king-sized bed.

The Beach Boys – “Do It Again”

Steely Dan – “Do It Again”

The Kinks – “Do It Again”





Last week, Madness sent Iron Maiden sulking to its room, as “Madness” took home 59% of the vote over “Can I Play With Madness.”Á‚  Join us again next week for a jurisdictional battle, as we tackle the subject of Non-Traditional Law Enforcement.