Welcome!Á‚  This week, in honor of the audacity of former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich (who was impeached last week by a somewhat lopsided vote of 114-1), the subject is False Accusations.Á‚  Next week, we’ll be moving to a new time slot – every week will start off with a new Song-Off or Song-Off Jr. that drops at the stroke of midnight on Monday morning.Á‚  I’m sure you’re all familiar with this pair of classic songs, so without further ado…

Bob Dylan – “Hurricane”

Bob Marley – “I Shot the Sheriff”




Last week, rock legend Marc Bolan and T. Rex knocked Greg Graffin and Bad Religion into last century, as “Twentieth Century Boy” took home 65% of the vote. Next week, we’ll be kicking back and enjoying the view as we take on the topic of Vantage Points.