… And there was another one, posted right on the front of the checkout desk, that struck a chill as deep as January down SamÁ¢€â„¢s back. It showed a dismayed boy and girl, surely no older than eight, cringing back from a man in a trenchcoat and a gray hat. The man looked at least eleven feet tall; his shadow fell on the upturned faces of the children. The brim of his 1940s-style fedora threw its own shadow, and the eyes of the man in the trenchcoat gleamed relentlessly from its black depths. They looked like chips of ice as they studied the children, marking them with the grim gaze of Authority. He was holding out an ID folder with a star pinned to it — an odd sort of star, with at least nine points on it. Maybe as many as a dozen. The message beneath read:


–Stephen King, Á¢€Å“The Library PolicemanÁ¢€ (from 1990’s Four Past Midnight)

Cheap Trick – “Dream Police”

Radiohead – “Karma Police”




Last week Steely Dan lived up to their name, scoring a plurality of 47% of the action. The Kinks came in a close second with 41%, while the Beach Boys sat in the corner and watched with just 15% of the votes. Join us again next week as we celebrate Easter and address the thorny subject of Resurrections.