“A fatal stone there was which, cunningly made, could be raised from below the step of the altar in the little Christian temple we discerned from the gallery; beneath that stone one behld a spiral stairway, very narrow and very steep, whose three hundred steps could convey you down into the bowels of the earth, to a kind of vaulted dungeon, closed by triple doors of iron, and in which was displayed everything the cruelest art and the most refined barbarity could invent of the most atrocious, as much for gripping one with terror as for proceeding to horrors.”

Á¢€”the Marquis de Sade, 120 Days of Sodom

Iron Maiden – “Cross-Eyed Mary”

Catherine Wheel – “Show Me Mary”



Last week the favorite, Don McLean, made mincemeat of the competition, as “American Pie” took at least three times as many votes as anything else. Join us again next week as we tackle the subject of mail-order products.